Save the Judgement

Every toddlers dream — every Mama’s nightmare.

Dear Stay At Home Mom,

If I showed you something would you judge me? I mean really, from one Momma to another, could you honestly say you wouldn’t have a little judgement of my ability to care for and keep up with my household if you looked at this photo?

This was my day in a nutshell. I’ve had a day where I go from one room to the next, picking up a disaster left by my twins. I shipped my other two kids off to school early this morning and so they’ve had no part in this.

My living room floor was a disaster by about noon today. You see, I had taken about 20 minutes to pick up all the toys downstairs and vacuum all the crushed up Cheerios out of the carpet and picked out all old raisins that were smooshed into the fibres. All the while I thought my boys were playing puzzles upstairs; little did I know that they had other ideas. They totally destroyed the game closet and spread it from one end of the living room to the other. When I finished vacuuming, I ran upstairs to make them lunch and I promptly saw what they had done. I’m going to be honest, my blood was boiling.

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