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What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Mom

Take a good hard look. This right here is the real face of motherhood. This isn’t your average highlight reel. There’s no makeup, no sense of fashion — in fact there isn’t even a hair comb or a toothbrush at this point. I didn’t even slap a pretty filter on this photo. And, so you may ask … why in fact would you show anyone this picture of you? Why would you paint yourself in such an awful, unforgiving light? Why would you show the world this very unflattering photo of yourself?

The answer is simple. I am TIRED. I am tired of social media always showing me someone else’s highlight reel. Look anywhere on social media and you will find photos of what a Mom “should” look like. Lipstick, makeup, a perfect body and a perfectly taken care of house — all smiles and zero TRUTH. I am tired of not telling the truth of what being a Mom really looks like.

Here’s the truth about this photo. I was up most of the night with my twins. This time they are sick with a head cold. In fact, I was awake more in the night than I was asleep. In fact, my hubby is away for work and eventually I gave in and called my own Mom to come over and rescue me. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to call her. My hubby works away half the month and it seems as if my kids always get sick when he’s away.  And, for sure I know it won’t be the last time that she swoops in and saves me. (I am eternally grateful that she lives so close that she can do that.)

The truth is that I am drinking cold coffee by the time this photo was taken. I’ve gotten 2 kiddos off to school in good time, packed two school lunches, made 4 breakfasts to order, managed to use the bathroom without anyone banging on the door and I’ve looked at the dishes still sitting in my sink from last night more than once. And, after all that, I am ecstatic that I survived another night.

Momma, this is the real face of Motherhood.  It isn’t always roses and sunshine. And, that’s okay. What I want Moms to know is that Motherhood doesn’t (hardly ever) look like all those other people on social media. There will be times that a shower is a luxury and maybe even running a comb through your hair will be considered an accomplishment. But, Momma, don’t let all that stop you from seeing the most amazing moments. I’ll take the cold coffee and the dark circles because I know that there are many women who would trade places with me in an instant.

Despite what you may think from looking at this photo, I am insanely grateful that this is my life.


I'm a Stay At Home Momma learning to navigate all the CRAZINESS that goes along with it! I have 4 kids, including 4 year old twin boys, and I've learned to live a HAPPY and HEALTHY life.

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