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Yup, I’m baaaaaack! So it’s taken me a while to get back in the saddle … so to speak. Its definitely been a wild ride.

I’ve left you all hanging for quite a while now, so I’ll spill the beans and let you know what’s been happening in my world.

So, I managed to carry my twins all the way to the end! Woot woot! (Applause!) Let me tell you that being pregnant with twins wasn’t a cake walk. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life. Those 6 months (we found out at 3 months in we were expecting twins) were filled with worry and anxiety and, well, exhaustion. Near the end, just getting out of bed was a chore. I was HUGE! It was a crazy feeling to always have someone moving, squirming and kicking. At 37.5 weeks my water broke and that’s when the real fun started. 12 hours later I was holding our little boy in my arms, waiting for the other babe to make it’s entrance. It took another 28 minutes for our second boy to make an appearance. They were born and our lives changed forever. Little L spent 5 days in NICU. He was just a little small at 4 pounds 12 ounces, but he was mighty. Mr. E was born 6 pounds 4.5 ounces. Yes, the .5 of an ounce does count! After having them, I felt like I could run a marathon. We had relief knowing that our boys were perfect in every way possible. I went home with Mr. E the next day and then spent the following four days running back and forth to the hospital. It was tough trying to juggle the other three kids around, all the while wanting to be there with Little L. We managed to take shifts at the hospital and waited ever so patiently for Little L to come home. I do not understand how parents who have babes in the NICU for months at a time manage. We were lucky it was less than a week and when he came home everything really changed

Since coming home from the hospital life has been a blur. Seriously, what a crazy life we have now! It’s taken me a long time to be able to manage to come back here. I keep waiting for life to slow down, but it just doesn’t! I am enjoying every moment with all my kids. People always told me to “Savour every moment, because in a blink of an eye it’s gone.” And, it’s soooooo true. Oliver is now 8. He’s still gluten and dairy free and I’m not sure if that will ever change. He’s doing so well now … growing like a weed, smart as a whip and well, always on the go. Charlotte is 6. She’s still gluten free and we are now just doing a trial of dairy products on her. I’ll let you know how that goes in a future blog post! And, the littlest of the bunch … they are both gluten free. Mr. E is on full dairy and seems to be doing quite well now. Little L is dairy free. So, we’ve got quite the mix! E and L came home from the hospital on lactose free formula (Little L threw up every time he had regular formula in the hospital). They did well on the lactose free formula until about ten weeks old. Then everything came to a screeching halt. I mean EVERYTHING. A day apart, both of their GI systems, just shut down. I had to start giving them suppositories to poop! Ok, enough about that, but after 18 days of not having bowel movements on their own, my doctor finally put them on a hypoallergenic formula. They did quite well and continued on that until about a year old. That’s when we switched Mr. E to regular dairy. It was kinda scary to think about switching him over. We were doing so well and given this family’s track record, I wasn’t sure I wanted to even try. But, Mr. E did just fine and has continued to flourish. Little L on the other hand didn’t do so well. He had all sorts of issues. GI issues, constant runny nose, he stopped sleeping and well I don’t know what else. So, it was back to the drawing board. At that point in time I decided to put him on rice milk. And since September he’s been drinking rice milk without too many issues. I’ve been taking him to see our naturopath. She’s been helping to resolve some of his gut issues with probiotics. He’s doing quite well now. People always ask me if they are sleeping through the night. No they aren’t, but why is that always one of the first questions? As if it’s some kind of standard that all good parents have to achieve to be added to the good parent list. I always say, we’re working on it. And, truth be told, I probably will be until they leave home!

Life hasn’t been dull this past year and a half. I know how lucky and blessed I am to have four healthy children. It’s been a wild ride, like I said before, and I don’t think it’s going to get any less crazy as time goes on. I’ll continue to write as often as my life lets me and well, that’s that. Keep checking back for more recipes and more crazy life stories!

Much Love (and Exhaustion),


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I'm a Stay At Home Momma learning to navigate all the CRAZINESS that goes along with it! I have 4 kids, including 4 year old twin boys, and I've learned to live a HAPPY and HEALTHY life.

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