You Are Loved

Nothing drives me more bonkers about this time of year than being bombarded by messages about “weight loss”. Isn’t it everywhere you turn? I have posts from people all over my social media telling me how 2019 is going to be their year because they are committing to this or that and they are going to loose ___ pounds by February or March. New Years Resolutions surrounding weight loss are crazy right now.

And, I get it. I do. But what if we went into 2019 with realistic goals.What if instead of saying we want to loose X number of pounds — what if we went in saying we want to be healthier. What if we instead focused on how we want to FEEL instead of how we want to LOOK.

Listen, I started this whole heath journey because I wasn’t healthy. AT. ALL. I didn’t have a number of pounds I wanted to loose. What I wanted was to FEEL better about myself. What I wanted was to be HAPPIER. What I wanted was to be HEALTHIER. What I wanted was to show my kids the best version of THIS Momma.

What I can tell you about the best version of me is that she is quite content with how I look. I don’t need a 6 pack or be a size 4. I am the best version of myself not because I lost weight but because I decided to CHOOSE healthy and yes, I did loose weight but that number on the scale doesn’t define me. I don’t diet. I don’t measure or weigh my foods. I fill my body with the foods that I know work best for MY body. And when I do make choices that aren’t so healthy I don’t feel guilty about those choices. Sitting down and eating 3 cookies with my daughter that she made is not something to feel anything but LOVE for.

Listen Momma, don’t get caught up in all those posts about how you should look a certain way in 2019. Don’t tell yourself that you need to loose X number of pounds or that if you did you’d be happier. I’m here to tell you girl, loosing that weight might make you temporarily happy but it won’t stick. You need to made sustainable changes.

Want to be healthier in 2019? Then maybe you commit to moving your body everyday for 20 minutes — whatever that looks like for you. Maybe you commit to spending time each day making cookies with your kids, reading books, playing a game or doing something else that makes you happy. Maybe you fill your plate with veggies instead of unhealthy things. Maybe you walk around the block twice a week. Do what works best for YOU and your LIFE — not someone else’s.

Girl, you are worth more than some number on the scale. Go into 2019 thinking about how you want to FEEL and write that down. Focus on the things that will help you get to that feeling each and every day. And, girl, please, please don’t feel bad about yourself.

You are loved.

You are worthy of whatever it is that you want. 💜

Why You Should Lead With Gratitude

Some people may think I’m crazy for doing what I do – getting up everyday and working out so I can be healthy. 💪🏻 There are numerous reasons I do it. I can list them all here and maybe some of them would resonate with you or maybe they wouldn’t and you’d still think I was a little nuts. 🙄 And that’s okay … I’m fine with that because I know WHY I do it. I will however, share one thing with you. Here it is.
22 years is a long time to live without someone you love 💗 . Today marks the day that my life changed … 22 years ago I lost my Dad unexpectedly to a heart attack. I will tell you that after all these years I still feel sad and although the sadness is different, much different than it was 22 years ago… I still get sad. I often wonder what my life would have been like if he was still here. I was just a teenager when he died and I know that loosing him shaped who I am today. He never saw me graduate from high school, earn my degree, or get married. He’s never met my husband and my kiddos have never had the chance to sit on grandpa’s lap and read a story. These are all things that I wonder about every day.


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What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me Before I Became a Mom

Take a good hard look. This right here is the real face of motherhood. This isn’t your average highlight reel. There’s no makeup, no sense of fashion — in fact there isn’t even a hair comb or a toothbrush at this point. I didn’t even slap a pretty filter on this photo. And, so you may ask … why in fact would you show anyone this picture of you? Why would you paint yourself in such an awful, unforgiving light? Why would you show the world this very unflattering photo of yourself?

The answer is simple. I am TIRED. I am tired of social media always showing me someone else’s highlight reel. Look anywhere on social media and you will find photos of what a Mom “should” look like. Lipstick, makeup, a perfect body and a perfectly taken care of house — all smiles and zero TRUTH. I am tired of not telling the truth of what being a Mom really looks like.

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Living YOUR Best Life

Four hours a week is all it takes to live your best life … maybe not even that much time. 4 hours. If your life isn’t worth 4 hours then you don’t have a life. Someone just told me that in a podcast that I’m listening to. And, honestly, I couldn’t agree more.

Over the last year and a half I’ve made some pretty good decisions to help me LIVE my best life. What I can tell you looking back at who I was before I started this Happy & Healthy Life Project  is that I wasn’t living my best life.

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